1. I just have a terrible ache. I miss her every day. I still can’t really believe it.

    It was really quick. She got something, a sort of fast-moving staph infection. I mean, she was taking a trip with a bunch of her buddies, an then she got a headache, and a week later she was dead. She wasn’t even sick. It was horrible. Just horrible. I guess you can’t really say it’s a shock when somebody dies at 86, but it was. A complete shock. When Mom died, morality stepped in and woke me up. Time now seems short. She lived 86 years, and I knew her for 53 of them, and that was too short. So certain things seem more urgent - life and just all the issues of living happily seem to count more, to be more precious and more pressing.

    -Meryl Streep on loosing  her mother and role model

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  7. I seriously can’t stop laughing! 

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